July 17, 2011

Fresh Cut: Step by Step Instructions

I discovered this blog via Twitter today. A beautiful blog...I can't wait to try the Lemon Strawberry Jar Cakes too!! Fresh Cut: Step by Step Instructions: "Some weeks I find my To-do list becoming more detailed with little things like 'eat lunch', 'brush your teeth', and even 'get out of bed.' ..."

1 comment:

Charlene said...

I just saw that you had visted my blog post about Diane Cooks Art Group & I think I recognize your name from Adorn Me a couple of years ago. Did you go? If so I'm glad to have found you again. Also, I see you signed up for Deryns Bo Ho Bliss Online Class. I just signed up. And I had the most fun going to the Gem Show with Deryn.

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