October 19, 2011

A challenge

One of my favorite Jewelry Designers and Instructors is Deryn Mentock of Something Sublime.  I took my very first class, Mingled Elements, with her and DJ Pettit in Birmingham Alabama.  I've taken several classes from her at Adorn Me!, on-line (check out her Jewelry Works) and most recently last month at ArtBliss.  She recently posted an Inspiration  Challenge on her blog http://somethingsublime.typepad.com/something_sublime_from_th/2011/10/inspiration-comes-with-a-challenge.html  Based on this gorgeous Gothic-y Romantic photo:
I love the colors, and look at the peek of the animal print pillow! 

I took the challenge and knew immediately what I wanted to do with the leopard print inspiration:
This was my first successful Ice Resin attempt. 

Before I post my other photos, I want to start by saying.  I don't have a professional camera.  I have a little Panasonic Lumix, that usually does pretty good when I photograph outside.  It's POURING down rain here, so...bad photos aside.  Here is the piece I created:

Thank you Deryn for the challenge!  Please go and check out Deryn's gorgeous piece as well as all the other beautiful pieces that were created based on the Inspiration photo. 


susie said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love this piece Jules, so many wonderful elements...yummmmy!

Alice said...

Jules, I didn't even notice the leopard print pillow until now! I lover your piece with all the lovely colors. The little gems are just gourgous (tourmaline?), and the clasp adds so much sparkle. Wonderful!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love that you picked up on the leopard. There was so much to choose from in this inspiration! I love the rich colors and textures and that clasp makes me SWOON!
Enjoy the day!

Piper said...

So intricate and detailed and multi layered and your color work is fabulous, I love this piece!

Shuku said...

Oh this is lovely! The colours really pop, and that leopard piece makes it sing! What a beauty.

Katalina Jewelry said...

This is a gorgeous necklace! Love the leopard print mixed with the rich colors and the sparkle. It's the perfect combination!

Leslie Todd said...

I love the mix of the resin pendant with the vintage elements in your necklace, Jules. I hadn't noticed the animal print pillow in the photo. It's perfect with those colors.

Lori Anderson said...

It's lovely! And I got one of Deryn's necklaces at ArtBliss because I'm hopeless at making anything like this!

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